Cow’s Milk Causes Iron Deficiency in Children

March 27, 2012


Baby at Doctor

Having healthy blood is particularly important when it comes to the health of growing babies. Although there are different kinds of anemia, the most common form is low-iron anemia. According to the National Institute of Health, staying away from cow’s milk is a good defense to avoid low-iron anemia in children:  …(read more)

Simple Vegan Sushi

April 4, 2011


Vegan Sushi

Who says that sushi has to have animal products? Vegan sushi makes for a delicious, filling and nutritious meal without all the cholesterol, fat and toxins that come with fish. Sushi is usually made with nori; a seaweed that is loaded with iron, has plenty of protein, vitamins, calcium and other beneficial minerals.*  For more […]

Easy-to-Grow Veggies in Your Kitchen

February 28, 2011



  When it comes to having healthy, organic, year-round greens at your fingertips, there are few foods that can compete with the ease of growing sprouts in your kitchen. Sprouts provide numerous health benefits ranging from improving the immune system to being a great source of active antioxidants.   

Dairy Products Linked to Early Menstruation in Young Girls

February 21, 2011



There have been many questions on the subject of feeding young children cow’s milk long past the age when they would normally stop drinking their own mother’s breast milk. Not surprisingly, a study was released this past week linking cow’s milk to early menstruation in young girls. Drinking fairly large quantities of the beverage over […]

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Vegan Diet for a Better Love Life

February 14, 2011



  With all the information we hear about dietary habits and health, it is surprising how seldom the connection is made between food choices and sexual performance. If you have been on a plant-based diet for any amount of time, you probably take your robust energy level for granted. But for many who are still […]

Easy Vegan Nutrition Check

December 30, 2010


Food Label

You may wonder how to sift through all the competing facts and fiction to find out exactly how nutritious a vegan diet is. Some sources say that it is low in protein, others say it lacks important vitamins and minerals. Who do you listen to, your doctor? A nutritionist? The health food store vitamin expert? […]

98% Vegan

December 9, 2010


New Veg 98%

Nobody is 100% anything all of the time, and the same works in reverse: no one is 100% NOT something, either. Even determined meat-eaters are known to eat vegan fare on occasion...(read more...)

Signs of Failing Health

November 30, 2010



Have you seen them? I first noticed one in a ladies room at a mall just north of Boston. I could hardly believe my eyes. I mentioned it to a friend who then asked if the mall was located in a bad neighborhood. It wasn’t…

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Six Snack Suggestions for Easy Vegan Travel

October 22, 2010



My son and I did some traveling recently, so I had to stock up on vegan snack foods. Since my 7-year-old is pretty particular about what he eats, I thought I would mention some of his and my favorites that work well on a trip. (Read more…)

Is Your Kitchen Safe?

August 11, 2010



When people ask me why I don’t eat meat, I often think about Stephanie Smith. You may recall that her story was on the front page of the New York Times last year. She is the young woman who became paralyzed for life at the age of 22 from eating a hamburger patty. Now that […]

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When Others Dis Your Diet

June 5, 2010



IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN…someone will question your plant-based diet in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable. It is just part of life. It may be your mother-in-law or it may be your neighbor. It might even be your doctor. I am not talking about when people ask you questions out of genuine curiosity. […]

Easy Vegan Pizza Matches Varying Tastes

May 11, 2011



Pizza is an easy way to feed a wide range of tastes with one healthy dish. At my table, I seek to satisfy the palate of a 7-year-old along with those with more acquired tastes. When it comes to making pizza, I’ve found that everyone gets what they like through the careful placement of ingredients. […]

Vegan Diet Lowers Your Medical Expenses

May 2, 2011


meat plate

Humans have been eating animal products in differing amounts throughout history. Although our digestive tracts have adapted to enable us to survive by eating a wide variety of foods, the fact is that our bodies are not designed to process large amounts of animal protein very well.[1] This is seen by the high rates of […]

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Cow’s Milk Linked to Infant Diabetes

April 18, 2011


Baby Drinking Milk

Research has shown that certain infants who drink cow’s milk instead of being breastfed during their first few months of life, are more likely to get type I diabetes. In 2000, a study was done in Helsinki, Finland showing that when babies drink cow’s milk instead of being breast fed, it causes an increase of […]

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View of a Vegan Cupboard

March 22, 2011


Vegan Cupboard

  Whether you are looking for a quick vegan snack to feed your kids or a tasty dish to serve some vegan friends, there are many kinds of plant-based foods that you can have handy in your cupboard to pull together a quick, nutritious meal. If you have the right ingredients within reach, it is […]

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