Healthy Meals on the Road

Posted on June 15, 2016



When it comes to food, every family has their favorite meals and snacks. Since we are vegan and gluten-free, our meal planning can be a challenge; especially when we’re on the road. I like to stock up on specialty items such as seaweed, tamari sauce, miso paste, all kinds of canned or dried beans, whole grain pastas, rice and fresh fruits and veggies. Wherever we go, we are always looking for local specialties to enjoy add to our meals.

It can be really satisfying to pull into a scenic rest area for a meal and get out of the camper for a bit, especially after a lengthy drive. It’s like having a picnic every day. When short on time, there are some delicious instant soups that cook up quickly. If I know I have a long trip ahead of me, I will often make some rolls to snack on while driving. Hummus, re-fried beans, chips, guacamole, tofu slices, sliced veggies and condiments go far for a swift and nutritious meal with easy clean up. Most of our staples can be found at any grocery store. Others, like tofu, can require some purchasing ahead of time, depending on what part of the country is being traveled. We always make a point to enjoy local specialties along the road.

Whether picking up salsa in New Mexico, black eyed peas in Georgia or stopping at farm stands on back roads, the subject of food is rich with possibilities for learning about different cultures, topography and agriculture.