Vegan Diet Lowers Your Medical Expenses

Posted on May 2, 2011


Humans have been eating animal products in differing amounts throughout history. Although our digestive tracts have adapted to enable us to survive by eating a wide variety of foods, the fact is that our bodies are not designed to process large amounts of animal protein very well.[1] This is seen by the high rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer, impotence, diabetes and other chronic diseases caused by poor nutrition in cultures that eat high on the food chain. Most of these illnesses are extremely costly to individuals, employers and the government.

Apparently the difference in diets upon individual’s physical well being has not gone unnoticed by the health insurance industry. According to a recent article on health insurance rates:

  • ·         The American Dietetic Association reports that vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels

  • ·         Vegetarians are 50% less likely to develop heart disease

  • ·         Vegetarians have 40% of the cancer rate of meat-eaters

  • ·         Meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than vegans

  • ·         A Harvard study indicated that regular meat consumption increases the risk of colon cancer by 300%

  • ·         The consumption of red meat has been linked to the development of type II diabetes [2]

Studies have repeatedly found that when people convert to a plant-based diet, they have a better chance of increasing their life expectancy and are often able to stop and even reverse many chronic diseases. Not only can people have more energy and better health by eating a plant-based diet, doing so eliminates unnecessary suffering for billions of helpless animals each year. It also reduces the huge impact that the meat and dairy industries reap upon our environment, medical costs and our children’s future. It feels so great to be vegan.

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