Six Snack Suggestions for Easy Vegan Travel

Posted on October 22, 2010


My son and I did some traveling recently, so I had to stock up on vegan snack foods. Since my 7-year-old is pretty particular about what he eats, I thought I would mention some of his and my favorites that work well on a trip. (Read more…) On domestic flights, they hand out those oily peanuts, bland processed crackers and sugary cookies, right? I always want to have something more appealing than that (not too hard to do) so I arrive at the airport armed with healthy vegan goodies to get us through the journey. Here are some snacks we enjoyed on our recent flight:

  1. Fresh fruit. Some fruits hold up really well without needing to be chilled. Clementine oranges are back in season in North America. They are so sweet that they sometimes taste like candy! It is also apple season. (Do not forget that apples are on the list of the top ten foods with the highest use of toxins, so be sure to get organic ones.) Bananas are the old standby, coming perfectly packaged from the tree. Look around at your local produce market to see what is in season and easy to eat and transport.

  2. Packaged fruit. Dried fruits travel extremely well and there are many different varieties available. It is a good idea to avoid those that have sulfur dioxide and/or sugar added. You can also buy organic apple sauce in cups that travel well. Some come seasoned with fruit and cinnamon. Don’t forget to carry a spoon.

  3. Roasted seaweed snacks. These are so delicious! Roasted seaweed is a salty snack that is similar to eating potato or tortilla chips, only MUCH healthier. It has a slight ocean-y flavor that is reminiscent of fish – except it is a vegetable. It lasts about a year before being opened. The vegan kids I know all gobble seaweed up quickly, so I have to be sure to buy a lot. Many health food stores carry it but you’ll usually find a better price at Asian grocery stores.

  4. Nuts. Nuts are handy in that they are packed with nutrition, protein and healthy fats. They are okay to keep unrefrigerated for short periods, but not if they will be exposed to heat for any length of time. Nuts go rancid when not refrigerated properly. I buy raw nuts and will only keep them in my car or my bag during cooler weather, and then only for a few days at a time.

  5. Whole grain crackers and baked goods. I found a whole grain bread loaf with sunflower seeds at a grocery store recently that was so tasty, we devoured it by itself! You can find vegan scones, muffins and cookies at specialty stores or bake some of your own. These will easily be the envy of your fellow airplane passengers who are choking down dry peanuts.

  6. Granola and trail mix. There are many kinds of vegan trail mix blends that make for good, nutritious snacking. Although some have a lot of sugar added and may have roasted and oiled nuts, you can find healthier selections that will hold up well on a flight or in the car (or train, bus, etc.).

Traveling with vegan children or adults can require some careful planning. Although it is getting easier to find vegan-friendly foods on the road, it is always good to have plenty for back up. If you have some favorite vegan snacks that you like to bring with you on your travels, please provide details!

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