Simple Vegan Sushi

Posted on April 4, 2011


Who says that sushi has to have animal products? Vegan sushi makes for a delicious, filling and nutritious meal without all the cholesterol, fat and toxins that come with fish. Sushi is usually made with nori; a seaweed that is loaded with iron, has plenty of protein, vitamins, calcium and other beneficial minerals.*  For more health-conscious eaters, you can use brown rice instead of white to increase the amount of protein and fiber. Some people skip the rice altogether and replace it with chopped jicama or cauliflower.

There are numerous plant-based favorites that can be wrapped up in a sushi roll. Avocado, asparagus, cucumber, peppers, broccoli, yams, pickles, sprouts and more…the list is endless. If you would like to know how to prepare some vegan sushi at home, try this recipe to feed three.

Ingredients and tools:

  • Six sheets of Nori Seaweed

  • 1 cup of sushi rice (or rice replacement such as cauliflower, brown rice, etc.)

  • Veggies to be rolled into the sushi – amount determined by you

  • Soy sauce for side dish

  • Wasabi (paste or powder) to be added to the soy sauce

  • Toasted sesame seeds (optional) to taste

  • 1 Sushi mat for rolling

To prepare:

  • Steam rice as directed on the package then place it in a bowl to cool for about 10 minutes.

  • While the rice is cooking/cooling, slice vegetables into thin strips to be rolled in the sushi

  • Lay a piece of nori on the sushi mat and press rice flat onto approximately 1/3 of the nori

  • Place veggies in a center strip on the rice and roll it up, starting at the rice end going toward the opposite edge without rice

  • When it is almost completely rolled, dampen the remaining strip of nori with water which will help it hold together when rolled up

  • Slice the sushi roll with a sharp knife, sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve it with wasabi and soy sauce on the side.

Easy vegan sushi is a great dish for your entire family. (My kid’s favorite kind of sushi is the cucumber roll.) Unlike sushi made with animal products, leftover vegan sushi stays good for at least two days in the refrigerator. It also travels well if you need to bring a vegan dish to a pot luck or similar gathering. It feels so good to share safe and healthy vegan sushi with friends and loved ones.

*For more information on the benefits of Nori see:

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