Vegans Visit Vegas

Posted on December 24, 2010


Las Vegas Strip…

My 7 year old son and I are in Las Vegas over the holidays. We have been enjoying the warm desert weather and looking at the palm trees. After being here for a little while, I decided that it was time to find some vegans to hang out with. I checked on the internet and found a vegan cookie swap was being held at a local coffee shop. What a brilliant idea!

Thanks to my friend Karin, for giving me a good sugar cookie recipe, I got up early and baked some snowman cookies that my son then decorated. At the last minute, I realized that the decoration goop that I’d given him to use on the cookies had some powdered cow’s milk in it. What? Since when do they put animal products in those little tubes of decorating stuff? What a pain. I grabbed some undecorated ones which we fortunately had set aside, and headed out. We arrived at the gathering where we met a lovely group of vegans.

Vegan Cookie Exchange

There were so many different kinds of cookies that showed up! Pumpkin, chocolate peanut butter, uncooked chocolate oatmeal, to name a few. We exchanged treats and chatted about veganism. By the time it dawned on me to take a photo, most goodies had been confiscated, but here is a sample of what was shared.

I always feel comfortable around other vegans; it bonds young and old in a way that nothing else quite seems to do. There was another 2-year-old vegan child there that my son enjoyed watching reach for the cookies. What a relief to mingle with like-minded folk.

We left the coffee shop and headed for the strip. I had been telling my son about the light shows and flashy glitz to be found along there, so we went to check it out. Here are some photos of some of what we saw…

Caesar’s Palace

Paris Las Vegas

Festive Decorations

Light show at the Bellagio

We stopped to grab a pretzel to snack on while watching the beautiful light show. The music was spectacular; what fun on a warm evening.

Volcano eruption at the Mirage Hotel

We wrapped up the evening by watching the volcano light show at the Mirage Hotel. Cool stuff for a 7-year-old. As we walked through the Imperial Palace casino on the way back to our car, we stopped to listen to an Elvis impersonator. What a treat to experience all the lights, the people and the feel of excitement in the air. It’s almost as if there is no recession, no war, no animal suffering. There is no place like Vegas, that is for sure.

Earlier in the day at the vegan gathering, it was mentioned that Las Vegas is not a particularly veg-friendly town. Give it some time, I say. If there are continued meet ups with tasty vegan food amidst the nice folks that we met today, more and more people will find vegan living hard to resist.