4 Steps to Finding Local Vegan Friends

Posted on September 17, 2010


How many times a day do you eat, two or three? Possibly four? If you have young children, it is likely that you prepare food more often than that. Considering that eating takes up such a large portion of each day, it is really important to find like-minded friends with whom you are comfortable socializing. (Read more…)

Although in North America the number of vegans is growing, it is still a meager 1% of the population (the last I heard). If you are tired of censoring your thoughts and long to be able to relax while enjoying cruelty-free, Earth-friendly, healthy eating, it is worth the effort to network and make some friends.

If you are raising children on a plant-based diet, this is even more fundamental. Since young children are easily influenced by others, it is especially important that they see healthy dietary habits being modeled by those around them. There are many helpful support groups to be found on line. However, if you want to meet some folks to share meals, consider starting a group of your own. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Set parameters for a gathering that fits your needs and schedule. Make sure to have the meetings be about food, first and foremost. Do you want to meet with vegan singles, vegan families or simply anyone interested in vegan living? You can make it pot luck or if you have the facilities available you can all try a new recipe together.

  2. Choose a time, frequency and location that is convenient for most. That could be at a local eatery that serves vegan food (Asian restaurants are usually the easiest), your home or even a park.

  3. Decide if your group will be inclusive or exclusive. Some people find that it is helpful to be open to veg-curious folks so that they can learn from your wisdom. You may wind up making a huge difference in someone’s life through your cooking skills! It is easier to introduce others to vegan fare when you are welcoming of newbies. Caution: be certain to emphasize that the main purpose of your gathering is to enjoy plant based food and offer a list of what animal products are to be avoided.  (Many people are not clear on exactly what foods are “animal products.”)

  4. Get the word out.

  • Hang a flyer at your local health food store, college, library or other public notice board

  • Attend any vegan, animal rights or environmental events and lectures in your area and network.

  • Search for or start a local vegan/ vegan family group at www.meetup.com , www.yahoo.com

  • Go to http://vegfamily.com/forums/ and post that you are looking for folks in your area

We all need support, particularly when your path leads you away from the stream. It is important to find other vegans to spend time with so you can relax and eat comfortably. Although it may take some persistence to build your support system, your efforts are sure to be rewarded.

© Jill Powers and The Feel Good Vegan 2010.

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