What To Bring to a Party

Posted on June 19, 2010



Many vegan parents panic when it comes time to socialize at non-veg events.  Multiple fears can arise including wondering what your child will be able to eat or concerns that they won’t fit in.  Not to worry, as this is one area that I have found to be quite simple to deal with: bring your child’s favorite dish!

When the other kids see how excited your child is to be eating chocolate soy pudding or vegan cake, they will be tempted to sample the goods for themselves.

I have often found that this works the same for adults. Many times I have observed that the veggie pizza gets gobbled up first.

I usually don’t bother to mention that the dish I brought is vegan.  If someone asks, I tell them the ingredients as that’s what they usually want to know.  Just make certain that whatever you bring is a family favorite and appealing to the eye.  That will help your child to feel more comfortable while at the same time provide an opportunity for others to experience a healthier dish.

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Photo courtesy of Microsoft